The electric revolution has arrived

Transforming regional mobility with simpler, more affordable air travel

Unlock electric flight. Change the world.

The most sustainable air service ever created

CO2 emissions are rising 70% faster than predicted. We are uniquely positioned to eventually reduce harmful emissions down to zero, starting with the first step, hybrid-electric propulsion aircraft.

Accessible to more people in more places, and much better for the planet

Electrification expands access to private, personalized air travel with the potential to soon reduce operating costs by 30% in a few years. We're on a mission to create a world in which flying is more affordable than driving.

Surf Air Mobility is creating the foundation that makes electric air travel a reality

Our platform, marketplace, business model, and technology bring together the necessary components to launch the next revolution in air travel: zero-emission aviation.

How it works

Consumer Marketplace

  • We've created a platform that makes over 10 million potential routes available in just a few clicks. With both On Demand and pre-arranged flights, Surf Air’s platform connects flyers to over 5,000 airports across the U.S. with over aircraft. By aggregating the supply of general aviation infrastructure, we're currently bringing personalized air travel to more people in more places.

Electric Powertrain Development & Upgrades

  • It starts with a practical approach to electrifying the aviation industry. By creating hybrid-electric propulsion technology and working directly with operators across the industry to upgrade existing aircraft flying today, we are incubating the next great shift in how we fly.

Advanced Regional Air Mobility

  • Lowering the cost of flying and reducing the environmental impact of the aviation industry completely changes how we're able to fly and live. By focusing on routes 50 to 500 miles, aircraft electrification will be able to make a more immediate impact.

Our consumer platform is already changing air travel today

Access to all-day scheduled flights across the West Coast & Texas

Over 1,250 aircraft available to book

95% flyer satisfaction

Over 5,000 accessible airports

A hospitality-driven flying experience


Get to know the electric revolution

The environmental impact

  • With CO₂ emissions from air transportation rising 70% faster than predicted, transitioning to zero-emission technology has never been more important. Ultimately, Surf Air Mobility’s aircraft will completely eliminate carbon emissions, but immediate technological advancements will cut emissions by ~30%.

The cost reductions

  • The first phases of electrification will immediately reduce operating costs by nearly 30%, depending on aircraft type and distance traveled. A completely electric fleet will ultimately cut costs by as much as 90%.

Why now

  • As the trajectory of flight demand continues upward, so too does that of carbon emissions. Surf Air Mobility has brought together the necessary solutions that exist today to pull forward the future of electric air travel. Everything from our existing consumer platform to our electrification technology is accelerating the path to zero-emission flying. Moreover, the experience of air travel is at an inflection point. As flying becomes less convenient and more stressful, our flexible aviation platform changes how and where people are able to fly.

The aircraft

  • Surf Air Mobility is accelerating the transition to electric aircraft with a bias toward real world utilization, today. As such, our focus today is on retrofitting existing 9 to 19 seat aircraft currently in operation, like the Cessna Caravan and the Twin Otter. As the technology progresses, we’ll continue to expand electrification to larger aircraft and longer routes.

Series hybrid

  • Complete electrification of air travel won’t happen all at once. Surf Air Mobility’s practical approach will get us there faster by focusing first on a series hybrid solution. A hybrid aircraft uses both aviation fuel and electricity from a lithium-ion battery.

A new era of aviation

  • Surf Air Mobility is defining the future of air travel by accelerating the world’s path to zero-emissions flight. By creating a completely vertical organization—one that controls the traveler’s experience from booking to arrival, designs the electrification technology, and builds the infrastructure to support electric charging—we’re able to usher in the new era of aviation.

A team of industry experts and veterans



CO2 reduction with hybrid-electric aircraft


operating cost reduction with hybrid-electric aircraft


Aircraft able to be electrified today

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